Disciplinary and educational regulations of students

Since school students are required to comply with disciplinary rules and regulations, it is necessary that school administrations provide students with the provisions that contain their disciplinary duties when registering them.


A: Students obligations:                                                                     

  1.  Students are obligated to abide by Islamic regulations and to practice the school’s rules in their behavior.
  2. Students are obligated to attend school in their uniform at all times.
  3. It is necessary for students to observe proper ethics and respect when interacting with the staff of the school.
  4. It is necessary for students to mind their conduct in regards with other students and refrain from insulting them or engaging in any sort of hostile and aggressive treatments. It is also important for the students to understands that it is best for them to refer their problems to the teachers and or managements and refrain from taking any intractable and unadvised measurements.
  5. Active participation in religious activities and  school's social, cultural and educational activities.
  6. Timely and continuous attendance at school and classroom and refraining from leaving prior to the end of school activities without coordination and obtaining permission from relevant authorities, especially in the final days of the year and the end of the exams
  7. Regular attendance in the classroom according to the weekly schedule and avoid unwarranted absence. Refraining from roaming in the hallway except on rainy and snowy days.
  8. In the absence of a student, the student’s parent will be required to attend the school to inform the educational institution at the earliest opportunity of absence, and present the school with an oral or written evidence to justify the reason for the absence of the student.
  9. Maintaining individual hygiene and cooperation with other students and relevant authorities keeping the environment and school clean.                             
  10. Refraining from using luxurious and decorative objects and possession of valuable and impermissible objects such as USB, CD, DVD, books with contents irrelevant to students’ lessons and cell phones.
  11. Observance of school rules in academic visits, field trips and school areas.
  12. Refraining from any sort of trading.
  13. Attention in the maintenance of their belongings and efforts to maintain the property and equipment of the school.

Note: Obviously, if the student incurs damage to the school equipment and facilities (such as the installed hardware in the classrooms) or other students, then the damages must be compensated.

Reminder and Punishment:

Article : Failure to observe and negligence in the duties set forth in article will be considered as an offense. Students whose educational guidance is not useful and effective, shall be reminded and punished with the following order and appropriateness:

- Oral and private warning.

- Oral warning in the presence of other students.

- Written warning to student’s parents without it being recorded in the student’s file.

- Written warning to student’s parents and recording it in the student’s file.

- Written notification and reduction of average behavior scores at a maximum of two points at any time. If repeated, obtaining a written commitment from students and his or her parents in order to avoid repeating similar issues.

-Denying the students permission to attend class and a written notice to the student’s parents.

-Temporary suspension for a day or a week and a personal notification to the student and attaching it to the student’s file.

-Transferring the student to another school during the school year.

In cases where the student isn’t able to attend school it is necessary that the parent(s) notify the school of the reason.

  1. The parents must inform the school in person of through phone call before 9am of the same day.
  2. Presenting the school with a valid doctor’s prescription if the cause of the student’s absence is an illness.

Note: the school will not receive any notes indicating the reason for the student’s absence from the students.

  1. The students must be present in class before the teachers at all time. Except through obtaining permission from the VP in which case they may only attend class with a permission slip in hand.
  2. If the parents fail to attend any meetings held by the school, it will be regarded as the student not presenting the parents with the invitation and scores will be deducted from the student’s average behavior mark.

Note: In special cases where the parents’ participation was not possible, they should present themselves to the school as soon as possible.

  1. Any contact with the students by the parents can be permitted only with the managements consent.
  2.  Changing the parent's mobile phone number in the school's electronic system will be done only with the presence of parents.

Educational Policies and Regulations:

  1. Each student is required to complete all trainings and syllabus provided by the teachers and educational assistants.
  2. Each student is required to complete all his homework and present them to the teacher at the due times and in an orderly manner.
  3. When the teacher is present in the class and is teaching or taking part in any other class related activity, the student must refrain from engaging in any other matters.
  4. The students must study the courses delivered by the teachers in the afternoon of the same day.
  5. It is necessary for the student to immediately report any matter that may cause disruption in the classrooms and the students’ learning to the teacher or the managements.
  6. The student must thoroughly study the contents of the lessons given by the teachers and be prepared to answer questions in the classroom at all times.
  7. The student must have all necessary learning props and items prepared in class at all times.
  8. It is compulsory for all students to attend extra classes and courses that the teacher finds necessary on a regular basis.

Note: The school will inform the families of times and locations of the said classes.

  1. It is absolutely necessary and compulsory for the students to be present and ready for the exams set by the teachers and the school.

Note: Examinations that are held within the school curriculum are recorded in the student’s monthly report. The results of these exams will have a direct impact on the first and second term exams scores of the student. Therefore, it is imperative that the parents and the students treat the matter with utmost attention and regard.

Hereby I confirm that I have completely studied financial and ethical regulations codes of Savior International School Network and will comply with its all articles to the fullest extent of the law. 

Last Update: 06/01/2018